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Ask and It Will be Answered: Acer’s Tech Doctors and Two-In-One Netbook Respond to Consumer Needs

The world is becoming increasingly wired and, well, “geeky,” with computers and gadgets becoming an integral part of everyday living and making life better as technologies are improved and developed. However, the advances in technology can be dizzyingly speedy for some that it is often difficult to catch up. Those who are not tech-savvy enough, which is many of us, are left confused and thus cannot take of full advantage of these advances. It may also prevent us from buying the gadgets that we really want or need. There may be a glitch in the computer and we don’t know what it is, what happened and how to repair it. Sometimes we are afraid to ask least we sound stupid or often we don’t know who or where to ask that can provide us with direct, simple and understandable questions.
Global information and communication technology company Acer knows this simple and commonplace but important problem, and to address this they formed the Acer IT Doctors, a team of IT (information technology) specialists who, as service to the public, are available to answer any IT concerns or questions, may they be downright “stupid” or complicated. This effort is timely as there is an increasing number of gadgets entering the Philippine market and majority of Filipinos are not really tech savvy, much more IT experts.
For proper guidance or valuable technical assistance, the Acer IT Doctors can be asked through the most popular social networking site, Facebook. Just follow Acer Philippines’ Facebook page ( The Acer IT Doctors can be access via their Custom Tab. Then, you can now field you questions via Facebook, a more personalized and personified customer service. They will respond regardless whether questioners are Acer users or not, or the questions Acer-related or not. They are also producing a YouTube series that will showcase their best prescriptions that are easily understandable, especially by non-techies.
Five men make up the Acer IT Doctors team, most of them product managers from its different product divisions—mobile devices, notebooks, stationary devices and other commercial products—and are promised to be expert and trustworthy. Leading the team though is not an Acer employee. Vince Golangco is the founder of the top site, as well as a TV show and events host, radio DJ, writer, surfer, skater, US veteran and an adventure junkie. He acts as the ambassador for the team.
Dio Vasquez is the head of the Product Management Department of Acer Philippines with a background on and experience in product portfolio management including managing the P&L of all product lines. He is also quite proficient when it comes to product marketing, demand planning and sales revenue forecasting and management. In Acer, he seeks the most advantageous partnerships and alliances with industry partners like Microsoft, Intel, AMD and Google.
Jeffrey Mariano is a gamer and previously served as a product manager for another IT company where he helped create a new gaming department. In Acer Philippines, he works as product lead for consumer mobile PC, and he is focused on product planning and execution.
Cuki Pendor is Acer’s business lead in digital display devices handling the overall business for Acer display devices. He was formerly Acer’s consumer product lead for stationary devices and fought for the continuous and active promotion of Acer projectors to become the number-one brand in the country.
With 10 years in the industry, Mikee Taylo is currently Acer’s business lead for stationary and enterprise products, with focus on identifying and selecting specific hardware products to be introduced in the Philippine market. He decides on product positioning, promotions and pricing for sales of the various Acer product lines.
Manuel Wong, general manager of Acer Philippines, said that the creation of Acer IT Doctors is a way of moving closer to their end users. He admitted that there are products, which are confusing to many consumers After the purchase, do they really enjoy them or use them in their full capacity? he wonders, and the Doctors help them better understand these products, especially Acer products.

The Acer IT doctors — Vince Golangco, Dio Vasquez, Jeffrey Mariano, Cuki Pendor and Mikee Taylo — will answer any tech-related questions  as public service, from the  simplest to the most complicated
The Acer Iconia W4: Fun and function in one
One Acer product that Acer IT Doctors recommends is the newly launched Acer Iconia W4, and it is the answer many are asking or waiting for.
The tablets are something most people use to play with it, but more and more people are using this for work because of its handiness, especially by people on the go. The email and picture features are frequently used as well as the Internet for quick research. If it requires basic functions, the tablet is preferred rather than the laptop because it can be bulky. The drawback is it is still very limited in terms of functionality; it can’t do much what laptops can. Many wish though that the laptop can be just as handy as tablets. It is just a matter time before the tablet acquires some of the characteristics of the laptop. And here comes Acer Iconia W4.
Very much improved from Iconia W3, the Acer Iconia W4 is a two-in-one netbook, compact and handy. With an eight-inch wide screen, it is small enough to be held by one hand and big enough for viewing things such as text document.
It uses Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 as operating system, with a 1.33Ghz Intel Bay Trail CPU supported by a 1067Mhz, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM. Pre-installed with full versions of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 edition, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote, it is ready enough for work. For easy typing or encoding, Acer Iconia W4 comes with a portable full-sized Acer crunch keyboard. Its micro USB 2.0 port, meanwhile, enhances flexibility and productivity with work and its HDMI micro port enables presentations and entertainment to be shared on big screens.
For storage, the netbook has 32 gigabytes, and additionally it has its built-in cloud storage, the Acer SkyDrive, which functions as the default location for saving documents. You can manage both local and SkyDrive storage in one place.
The Acer Iconia W4 sports a clear and vivid display, enhanced by Zero Air Gap technology, which reduces light reflection by directly binding the LCD module and touch panel, and personalization of visuals is fun.
And one of the best thing about Acer Iconia W4 is the price. Because Acer is primarily targeting students and young professionals, the suggested retail price is P18,900, relatively one of the most affordable netbooks/tablets.

The handsome Acer Iconia W4 two-in-one netbook allows you to play as well as to work, being installed with full versions of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 edition, including PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote
For more information on Acer Iconia W4 netbook, visit Acer Philippines at or

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