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A Classic and Clean Look for Summer: Giordano Ushers in the Hot Season with Linens and Richard Yap

Giordano Philippines’ summer colletion focuses on linen, a very apt material for the hot weather
The rise in temperature signals the onset of summer in the Philippines, and Hong Kong-based retail brand Giordano has just launched its summer collection to make the scorching season comfortable. The latest collection is called A Linen Story, and it consists mainly of apparels made of linen, the textile made from flax fiber and even of cotton or other fibers but done in a linen weave texture.
The lightweight linen cloth is the most luxurious yet underappreciated material. It is definitely the supreme choice for comfort in hot weather with its breathability, durability and cool and absorbent properties,” explained Lloyd Lim, Giordano Philippines vice president for business development.
Actually, linen has been in many Giordano collections for some time now. And from time to time, the brand highlights it especially during summers. According to Giordano, linen should be a staple and should be a summer essential. They suggest wearing comfortable and airy linen instead of shortening the hemlines and wearing skimpy clothes.
Through this collection, we will be reintroducing the beauty and practicality of linen and making it an essential part of every wardrobe,” said Lloyd Lim.
The variations of designs from summer to summer are not too far apart. Giordano generally leans to the classic and generally likable styles. This is most probably due to its adherence to its “World Without Strangers” concept and slogan.
World Without Strangers has always been the philosophy of Giordano. It means transcending age, ethnicity, cultures, borders. That’s our main tagline. Actually, we have 2,600 stores (in over 40 different countries) in the world. We went to the Middle East, different cultures,” Lim said.
Giordano aspires to bridge gaps with similarities in terms of clothing and a shared brand that is Giordano. Thus, designs are classic and “safe,” something that appeals to many people and that everybody can wear. The clothes are for everyone, they say. With “World Without Strangers,” it wants to transcend its origins as an Asian brand and develop trust and strong relationships with consumers across cultures with apparel catering to everyone regardless of ethnicity, nationality or culture.
This is true for the latest collection, which has essentials such as long-sleeve and short-sleeve button-downs and cropped pants in 100 percent linen and cotton-linen blends, although some trendy elements are incorporated. A Linen Story is a big campaign with three sub-collections to be released in tranches — the start of summer, the middle of summer and near the end of summer.
The first sub-collection is called Ethnic Beat, which was made available since February 28. This is perhaps the trendiest of the sub-collections, being colorful and with artsy and tribal patterns. There is a play on Aztec prints, which is very popular right now. These colors and patterns are translated in soft embroidered shirts and jersey crew neck dresses for women.
Giordano will be launching the second sub-collection called Nature Burst on March 21. Nature Burst uses earthy colors for their linen short-sleeve shirts and cropped pants for men and colorful prints in shirts for women. The washed-out look suggests the ruggedness of nature.
On April 18, it will be launching Summer Blues, which features badge polo lycra pique muscle shirts in all shades of blue for men and soft rayon three-fourths sleeve for women. Denim dresses and jersey V-neck cardigans also make great transition pieces as temperatures start to shift.

The Giordano summer collection will have three sub-collections
Richard Yap: Brand’s first-ever Filipino ambassador
In the time for the launch of the summer collection, Giordano also launched its first-ever Filipino ambassador/endorser, actor Richard Yap.
After 25 years in the Philippines, Giordano Philippines is just now taking this promotional move to sustain interest for the brand and its current 63 stores all over the country.
Although popularity has not waned over the years, according to Beatrice Lim, vice president for marketing, this is taking it a step further. Giordano still has many customers, many of them those in their thirties and above, who grew up with Giordano, when it became popular in the Philippines in the 1990s. The local endorser will make the brand relatable to Filipinos and also will promote it to the younger generation, who are not familiar with the brand.
Right now, Giordano Philippines uses Giordano Korea’s images of popular Korean celebrities for their billboards, a decision made because of Korean pop’s popularity in the country.
It’s just time for a local face to represent Giordano,” Lim said.
The choice of Yap is apt because he represent the age group that forms bulk of Giordano buyers but at the same time he is popular with the younger set as to entice them to the brand further.
Yap is a breakthrough celebrity. He entered showbiz in his forties and quickly gained fame, something rare in youth-obsessed Philippine showbiz. He first entered the public’s consciousness as the image of Chinese-Filipino fast-food chain Chowking. He then took on the role of Papa Chen in 2011 hit TV series My Binondo Girl, catapulting him to stardom. His status is solidified by another telenovela Please Be Careful with My Heart as the dashing Sir Chief. Now, he is one of the most sought-after endorsers.
Richard Yap epitomizes Giordano’s brand values. Both are clean, casual, current and appeals to everyone everywhere,” revealed Lloyd Lim.
He further said that “age doesn’t matter,” when they were looking for an ambassador, and it “depends on the presentation.” It is ironic though that the detail on age is mentioned or emphasized if age is irrelevant.
On his part, Yap said, “Considering my age, I never thought I’d achieve this much. But I’m thankful for it. So I do my best for every project but I take things as they come and live in the moment.”
On fashion style, he said, “I’m never the structured type. I always prefer relaxed casual pieces any time. They suit my lifestyle better and I found that I feel much more relaxed when I know that I am well-dressed,” he said.
Yap admitted that he has been a Giordano buyer, especially the T-shirts, and loves the timeless, classic pieces.
Giordano pieces are essential; the styles are timeless and I prefer it that way. I like to dress well and I like how Giordano provides me with pieces that inspire, at the same time, lends a put-together look without requiring me to think too much about it,” Yap said.
He also mentioned Giordano’s use of the latest innovations in fabric technology, ensuring superior quality and great value.
This may be start of Giordano regularly getting local ambassadors/endorsers, and Lloyd Lim revealed that for future endorsers they are also looking for people not in the entertainment industry. Beatrice said another ambassador will be launched within the year. Meanwhile, Yap’s image will be used in social media and in-store promotional materials.

Actor Richard Yap is chosen to be Giordano Philippines’ firts-ever brand ambassador because he is “clean, casual, current and appeals to everyone everywhere”
Richard Yap with Larry Lim, president and CEO of Giordano Phils
Giordano has a special offer for selected linen items. For more information about the promo, log on to This offer is good until March 31. For more information on Giordano, visit their Web site ( or log in to

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