Monday, August 03, 2015

Tortured for Beauty

The Lee Denim DIY Rip and Repair at SM Mall of Asia
Jeans are some of the rare things that only get better when worn, tattered, distressed, or old. While many articles of clothing showing signs of age or wear and tear are sneered at, the good ol’ denim pants is an exception.
Closely associated with the working man, jeans are ubiquitous wear, and people regard those marks of wear and tear as badges of good labor, thus character. The denim pants is now worn by all classes of people, and they are sold complete with wear, tear, rips, patches and stains for urbanites who don’t have the chance to engage in arduous labor or the time to have these desired effects on their jeans. Intentional ripping and scratching are now part of the craftsmanship of jeans.
The next step is customization and personalization of wear and tear to show not only character, but the creative side of the owner as well. International jeans brand Lee recently held a do-it-yourself event where customers can customize the signs of wear and tear, as well the stains and repairs, and it proved to be tremendously fun.
The Lee Denim DIY Rip and Repair series kick-started on May 29 at the SM Mall of Asia, for its campaign “Denim Refreshment,” or breathing new life to the classic ripped and torn jeans by doing them yourself, or at least have someone do it for you under your instructions and predilections. The event also launched Lee’s 2015 line, the Jade Fusion, a temperature-reducing wear crafted with natural jade known for its heat-resistant property. The Jade Fusion improves breathability and manages moisture to keep the wearer cooler. Also introduced was the Dry Fast, a lightweight, soft and breathable performance cotton denim.
The Lee Denim DIY Rip and Repair lasted for three days and had three stations. One chose first his/her Lee Jeans at the Denim Bar. Men had a choice of the Zed fit and the Powell jeans, while women had Jeggings in different blue and heritage jeans wash. And off one went to the DIY stations. One station was the "Rip” where one chose parts for distressing, slashing and grinding, as well as the extent—if they should be light or heavy. The Repair station was for sewing and patchwork, while the Paint and Monogramming station was where one could add his/her signature—applying paint stains or splatters, having brand badge stamped with your name.  

After these, one came away with jeans tortured to acquire beauty and character and made precious, being infused with personal style. Lee Jeans promises to hold more denim customization sessions in the future.

The Rip station where one can distress the jeans

The Repair station

Add some splashes of paint

Attaching the personalized label

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