Friday, March 20, 2015

Have Jeans, Will Travel on Bike

True to its free and daring spirit that thrives on adventures, iconic American denim brand Wrangler takes its signature denim wear to the Philippines’ wide, open roads as it launches the digital competition True Wanderer
Despite the influx of several popular and big fashion brands to the Philippines, carrying a variety of lines including denim pants, Wrangler seems unfazed by the competition. In fact, the American denim brand remains one of the top choices among Filipinos, revealed Wrangler Philippines president Daisy Go.
She asserts that the Philippines is one of the strongest markets in Asia. Wrangler Philippines is proud to show that it has received four of the seven awards from Wrangler Asia-Pacific in 2014 for being a top performer. In fact, it accumulated 18 awards over the past five years.
The brand’s position is largely attributed to the loyalty of its clientele, which make up people in their early 30s and up. We don’t cater to the teens, said Go. She added that the teens have no brand loyalty and are only into what’s current and hot and not into quality. Wrangler customers go for the brand’s durability, classic styles and perhaps its heritage.
Wrangler has about a century of history starting in North Carolina, United States, and with designs for cowboys and rodeos. It has spread to many countries around the world.
Wrangler has been in the country for many years now. The present franchise owner, who is into textile manufacturing, has been handling Wrangler for six years now and is strengthening and updating the brand.
Under the Wrangler banner, they introduced the non-denim Timbercreek line of outdoor wear and accessories, which is original to the Philippines but approved by the American headquarters. Recently, they launched the underwear for men line. Additionally, Go related that when they acquired the brand, women’s wear was minimal, about eight percent of the entire offerings. Now, about 30 percent comprise the women’s.
Now, to reinforce its identity, Wrangler Philippines launches a competition called True Wanderer, evoking its original free and daring spirit that thrives on adventures.
“Wrangler has always been about going off the beaten paths and conquering new grounds. True Wanderer is our way of communicating our brand’s core as we inspire riders to get out there and discover their free spirits on the open road,” Go explained.
The Asia-Pacific edition of the global competition focuses on the best photos and stories of journeying on a bike. The Philippine edition is open to all Filipinos. The entries must be in the form of previous biking photos with a story on why they should be chosen as a True Wanderer. The venue will be the True Wanderer microsite (, which will serve as a travel diary of a contestant, recounting experiences in words, photos and videos. The public can read and view the entries, thus becoming a part of the journey.
Would-be contestants need not purchase any Wrangler items, said Go, only he or she must be a real biker with a penchant for travel. Inevitably, it will show that jeans are indispensable wear for these travels, and Wrangler wants to impart that its jeans are well suited for it.
“With jeans that are purposely designed to enhance comfort and style for the open road, Wrangler is the perfect companion of every True Wanderer as he goes off on his explorations,” added Go.
Ten finalists will be picked out from the pool of entries by judges that include photographer and biker Jake Versoza. The finalists will then embark on a five-day journey in selected places in the country on their bikes and wearing Wrangler’s key items. Only one winner will be proclaimed at the end of the contest and he or she will win a motorbike and P100,000 worth of Wrangler products. The sole winner will then become the Philippine representative to the Asia Pacific-wide competition, where he or she will compete with other True Wanderer winners from across the Asia-Pacific region. The contest is now open and closes around April.
“True Wanderer is Wrangler’s way of further strengthening its identity as the denim brand that’s made for action and adventure. Now, we dare riders to join the contest and brave the open roads. We invite them to uncover the most interesting spots in the country armed with their passion for novel encounters and unstoppable spirits,” said Go.

Visit the True Wanderer microsite at For more updates, follow Wrangler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (WranglerPH).
Wrangler is said to be about going off the beaten paths and conquering new grounds

Aside from the Timbercreek non-denim brand, Wrangler Philippines launches the men’s underwear line, which currently has six collections

Wrangler displays during the launch

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