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Body Counts: The Century Tuna Superbods Reveals Winners; John Lloyd Cruz ‘Reveals’ New Body

From left: Century Tuna Superbods Super Challenge 2014 first runners-up Marneil Lim and Alaiza Malinao; grand winners Mauro Lumba and Sara Polverini; and second runners-up Catherine Almirante and Laurens Tolenaars

Summer night sizzled even hotter on April 26 in the premiere resort island of Boracay in Malay, Aklan, when popular canned tuna brand Century Tuna crowned the winners of its Century Tuna Superbods Super Challange 2014 during its grand finals.
Ten men and 10 women, all fit and sexy, chosen through go-sees held all over the country, competed at the Pearl of the Pacific.
The gorgeous male candidates were Filipino-Spanish soccer player and part-time model Antonio de Murga, 27; Evan Spargo, 25, a personal trainer and entrepreneur who moved from Melbourne to Manila to pursue a career in modeling and hosting; the once skinny teenager Gerard Go, 25; Julio de Leon, 21, physical therapy student of Our Lady of Fatima University; half-Filipino, half-Dutch football player Laurens Tolenaars, 27; Marneil Anthony Lim, 24, who is into surfing or weight lifting; Mauro Lumba, 21, a tourism graduate from University of Santo Tomas, model and aspiring actor; Miguel Lasala, 25, a professional model from Quezon City; Rendon Labrador, 28, a future civil engineer; as well as Joshua Lubrico, 18 year-old student who was born and raised in Los Angeles. Lubrico is a product of Century Tuna’s inclusion of Filipinos abroad. Through this competition, Lubrico his first time to visit the Philippines
The female contenders were Alaiza Malinao, 20, psychology student who is into basketball and modelling; Catherine Almirante, 22, who believes that happiness is a reflection of your health; Darlene Anderson, 23, who went from 173 to 135 pounds; Diane Tan, 22, financial and investment management student who enjoys dance, music and the arts; Grace Murillo, 30, an advocate of animal rights and World Wildlife Fund; Nicole Marable, 19, a football player and a pre-medicine student from Pasig City; Nicole Kaufmann, 24, multimedia arts student who loves swimming and horseback riding; Paula Marciano, 20, tourism management student from Quezon City; and Sara Polverini, 24, model, make-up artist and fashion designer from Iloilo. They were joined by the US Superbod contestant Michelle Magno, 26, a registered nurse who moved to the United States three years ago.
The grand finals were hosted by model Joey Mead-King with endorser Anne Curtis. It was graced by the Po family, owner of Century Tuna Pacific Food Inc.; executives led by its general manager Greg Banzon, and group product manager of Century Tuna Gela Gamboa; and 2012 Century Superbods grand winners Monika Sta. Maria and John Spainhour.

Century Tuna Superbods 2014 winner Mauro Lumba
Century Tuna Superbods 2014 winner Sara Polverini

Gerard Go and Marneil Lim

First runners-up Marneil Lim and Alaiza Malinao

First runner-up Marneil Lim

First runner-up Marneil Lim

Prior to the grand finals, contestants underwent a race challenge in Boracay, which comprised 30 percent of the final judging points. The Mind category comprised 30 percent, in which contestants answered questions from the judges as well as the audience during the finals. Body and beauty made up 50 percent of the judging. Judges included Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Tim Yap, journalist Doris Dumlao, designer Dennis Lustico, Ariel Comia, Patty Betita and Banzon.
Lumba and Polverini were declared grand winners, bagging P500,000 each, a year of Gold’s Gym subscription, and one year supply of Century Tuna. Meanwhile favorite Lim and Malinao were first runners-up, and Almirante and Tolenaars were second runners-up. Special awards were also given including the Superbods Photogenic award won by Malinao and Lasala, Superbods Transformation award won by Anderson and Lasala, People’s Choice award won by Tan and Lumba. Other special awardees were race winners Marciano and Lasala, Mr. and Miss Congeniality Murillo and Lim, Super Beach Bods Marciano and Tolenaars, Air Asia Zest All Stars Almerante and Lim, San Mig Zero Guiltless God and Goddess Anderson and Lasala, Mr. and Miss Solaire Malinao and Lim, and Mr. and Miss Pearl of the Pacific Murillo and Tolenaars.
Gamboa explained what a Superbod is: “More than just a pretty face or a handsome face, he or she must have the discipline and commitment to live a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, he or she should inspire and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle as well. But the Century Tuna Superbods event is more than just finding the best embodiment of health and fitness. We decided to put up this event, in this magnitude, to live up to our commitment to make healthy living a more enjoyable experience. We feel that this event is the best way to inspire everyone to become healthy inside and out.”
She also enumerated the new developments of this year’s competition including employing fitness expert Jim Saret and nutritionist Nadine Tengco to work with the contestants and endorsers, and to help come out with a plan, which is available in their Web site.
“We have our Web site, which Earlier this year, we launched a six-week workout and meal plan. This is free and available at our Web site, and it’s for all our loyal consumers. So we assure you that if you religiously, continuously follow that Web site you are guaranteed to lose weight. I myself have lost a few pounds over this workout,” Gamboa revealed.
Also, they have celebrity challengers: the DJs of the popular radio show Boys Night Out Slick Rick, Tony Toni and Sam YG. They were made to follow the Century Tuna diet program.
“The Boys Night Out (DJs) when came in a few months ago, they were just boys. Now you see, they have turned into hunks,” Gamboa said.

BNO DJs Tony Toni, Slick Rick, and Sam YG do the zumba.

Tessa Prieto-Valdes brings a splash of color to the zumba marathon.

Century Superbods 2012 winners John Spainhour and Monika Sta. Maria

Century Pacific Food Inc. general manager Greg Banzon, and Century Tuna product manager Gela Gamboa

Century Tuna Superbods Super Challenge 2014 finalists
Their transformation was one of the highlights of the grand finals, where they showed their new bodies. That night, Century Tuna took the occasion to launch its newest endorser, actor John Lloyd Cruz, in a “big reveal.” Cruz was supposed to show his now healthy and fit body. It is said that the actor lose 18 pounds in six weeks.
 “Century Tuna fitness challenge motivated me to continue working hard and fully achieve a fit and strong body. With proper diet and exercise, nothing is really impossible. What used to be unimaginable is now a reality,” Cruz said.
After the hype though, Cruz didn’t go all the way for lack of clamor. He walked and danced on the ramp, taking off his shirt and leaving an undershirt and shorts. What he showed that night was just the beginning of a long workout, and Century Tuna promised to reveal more in the future.

Century Tuna endorser Anne Curtis

Century Tuna endorser John Lloyd Cruz

Joey Mead-King hosted the big night.

The Century Tuna Superbods 2014 finalists after the challenge
Antonio de Murga, 27
This Filipino-Spanish soccer player is also a part time model. He believes it is better to be sore than sorry.
Evan Spargo, 25
He moved from Melbourne to pursue a career in modeling and hosting here in Manila. He is also a personal trainer and entrepreneur.
Gerard Go, 25
He was once a “skinny” teenager but with great passion and hard work, he turned his fitness dreams into reality.
Julio de Leon, 21
A Physical Therapy student of Our Lady of Fatima University, this 21 year-old finalist wants to be a doctor.

Laurens Tolenaars, 27
This half-Filipino, half-Dutch football player loves to travel and owes his active lifestyle to his parents.

Marneil Anthony Lim, 24
He makes time to go surfing or weight lifting to maintain his physique.

Mauro Lumba, 21
A tourism graduate from University of Santo Tomas, this model and aspiring actor considers working out as a time to bond with friends.

Miguel Lasala, 25
A professional model from Quezon City, he believes that he’s the living testimony of transformation to inspire more people.

Rendon Labador, 28
This future Civil Engineer doesn’t believe in making excuses to achieve a healthy and fit body. He promises to give us something beyond his six-pack abs.

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