Monday, February 24, 2014

Khaki by Any Color

Next to denim, khaki is perhaps the most popular type fabric for pants and also the type of pants themselves, which are also known as chinos. Actually the name refers to the color, the light yellowish brown. Over the years, khaki comes to refer more to the pants. When it comes to khakis and casual men’s wear, Dockers emerges as one of the most popular brands for almost three decades now, introducing the all-American look with khakis and khaki-inspired products.
Dockers is again stretching the definition of khaki as it releases its spring and summer 2014 collection. It has been redefining khakis for several seasons now, imbuing chinos or khakis with splashes of colors to appeal to the younger market, while embodying the spirit of cultural diversity of its hometown, San Francisco in the United States.
At the same time, Dockers is redefining the rugged look and expanding what is masculine. The once preference for neutral and sober gives way to a heady range of bold colors. The classic styles are invigorated and reinvented. The brand now caters to no particular generation or age group, and to any standards of living and any environments.
The spring and summer 2014 collection, particularly its flagship Alpha collection, explores further the use of colors and patterns with appealing playfulness. The trousers, which the brand is mostly known for, come in red, brown, orange, yellow, gray, green and indigo. From last season’s bold, bright and jewel shades, the collection now has pastel and light tones. The highlighted color of the season is blue in varying and delicious shades. Patterns are also incorporated such as acid camouflage and the more daring Madrasi checks in pink, especially for the shorts! There are more options for pant cuts — skinny, slim fit and slim tapered.
The new collection also offers vibrant and wider options in shirts. The traditional gingham patterns are given a fresh look with light colors. Shirts also sport interesting Madarasi checks and nautical prints. Stripes are stylishly used. The choice of fabrics — the trusty cotton and linen and the textured seersucker — has comfort and functionality in mind.
With this latest collection, Dockers provide more options for men to develop personal styles without hampering the adventurous and carefree spirit.
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