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Timely Style: L Time Studio Offers Veloci Watches for the Adventurous and the Fashion-conscious

The Veloci Voyager watch has a rugged feel and is outdoors-driven
 Aside from telling the time, the modern watch has become more of a fashion accessory, some becoming as valuable as pieces of jewelry. The in-house wristwatch brand of Philippine watch store L Time Studio, called Veloci, caters to the fashionable but remains inexpensive.
“Veloci is a concept brand that draws inspiration from European watch trends, especially from Italy, where most of the watch design trends and fashion trends originate. We want to bring to the Philippine market the latest watch trends, using the best quality materials at a very affordable price,” explained Marnie Chua, managing director of Veloci watch.
With a price range of P2,750 to P5,000, Veloci hopes to entice its target market, which Chua described as “young, stylish people with an on-the-go lifestyle.”
“Its brand name is deeply rooted in its meaning in the Italian language — “speed” — which is reminiscent of the lifestyle it embodies: fast-paced, adventurous, yet with a young and stylish look all at once,” he added.
What is fun and ultimately attractive about Veloci is the fact that its straps are interchangeable and come in different colors and patterns.
“Veloci watches are not only reliable timepieces. It comes with three interchangeable Nato straps and can be worn as a trendy accessory to complement a stylish outfit,” Chua explained.
The nylon Nato strap is based on the standard watch strap of the British Ministry of Defense, which has a NSN or Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) stock number, thus the name. A Veloci watch set has two additional straps, but one can buy more straps to. There are about 40 colors and patterns of straps to choose from at P350 each.
Veloci started with two collections which were made available in December 2012 —the Cruise and the Voyager collections, both equipped with stainless steel watch cases and Japanese movements.
The Cruise collection has a casual classic look, which comes in an exhilarating palette of colors that includes cool pastel pink, lemon yellow, subdued hues of gray, classic white, bright red, purple and blue, all in a 38-millimeter size.
On the other hand, the nautical-inspired Voyager collection has a rugged feel and is outdoors-driven, made for the active lifestyle. It can be the masculine counterpart to Cruise’s more feminine and relaxed look, though both watches can be worn by both sexes. Voyager comes in a variety of watch dial colors such as orange, blue, silver and black. It also features a rotating bezel and comes in 40 and 44-millimeter sizes.

Veloci Cruise watches are eye candies
 Veloci’s latest model is the Aeronaute, which is considered a premium collection. While the previous two models are inspired by the sea, this one is said to be created by a team of aviation enthusiasts and watch manufacturers. Finer materials are used in its making, and it comes in more subdued colors.
“We received excellent feedback for most of our collection. For ladies, the most popular is the Cruise collection with the mother-of-pearl dial. For gents, it’s the new Aeronaute collection with the fatigue dial,” revealed Chua.
Whether for telling time or as a trendy fashion accessory as well as a travel companion, a Veloci watch is a practical choice, attuned to the times in its bid “to become a leading player in the watch industry that provide quality and affordable fashion watches to the young market.”

Veloci Aeronaut watch
 Veloci watches are available at selected L Time Studio, Timegear and Asprey boutiques.

Veloci Aeronaut watch

Veloci Cruise watch

Veloci Voyager watch

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