Thursday, September 27, 2012

Manila Ink

From left, standing:  Alex Garcia, international tattoo artist; Lyka Frontuna, Colt 45 brand manager; Greg Anonas, Colt 45 marketing manager; Alan “Big Tiny” Ayala, international tattoo artist; (sitting) DJ Anti, Dutdutan 2012 featured DJ; Eric Bobo and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill; and founder of Tribal Gear, Bobby Ruiz.

On September 28 and 29, 2012, tattoo artists, tattoo enthusiasts, rockers, music lovers and even the plain curious will gather to celebrate skin art as well as the lifestyle connected with it at Dutdutan XII, said to be the biggest tattoo expo in the country and even in Asia, at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Pasay City.
             Last year, about 15,000 people attended the expo, which had 90 tattoo booths and 200 tattoo artists from here and abroad. Because of the success, this year’s Dudutan promises to be bigger with a bigger venue, more participants and hot acts. Dutdutan XII will have 130 tattoo booths, occupying three halls of the WTC. Participants from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, France, Japan, Guam, Hong Kong and Indonesia will fly in to participate in this special event. Among the international celebrity tattoo artists involved are Alex Garcia and Alan “Big Tiny” Ayala, brought in by Bobby Ruiz, founder of the fashion brand Tribal, who is a big supporter of Dutdutan. A tattoo artist at Dolorosa Art Company in California, Garcia’s influences include graffiti, the low-brow scene in Los Angeles, the art he used to see as a kid growing up in a Catholic school, and especially music. On the other hand, Big Tiny is also influenced by graffiti and the street scene, and is based out of the Psycho Ward in Los Angeles, tattooing out of his private studio.
            Headlining the musical acts are Senen “Sen Dog” Reyes and Eric “Bobo” Correa of Cypress Hill, one of the popular groups in West Coast rap and hip hop, who will be performing tonight. Top local bands, including Wolfgang, Kamikazee, Franco, Valley of Chrome, General Luna, Urbandub and Imago, complete the roster of performers.
            The featured DJ of Dutdutan XII is DJ ANTI (another name to identify), a member of the Los Angeles-based the Literates who is a producer, MC, DJ, graphic designer, merchandise designer, production coordinator and many others. A.N.T.I. has worked with other artists such as Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Rob Caggiano of Anthrax and Biohazard.
Also for entertainment, especially for straight men, Russian pole dancers are invited to perform and Tribal Gear’s cosplay-themed Pin-Up Babes Bikini Contest by FHM will make a comeback.
            Gaming and percussion enthusiasts will have a grand time competing at the Professional Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) and the third Drum Duel, but the centerpiece of Dutdutan XII is the tattoo competitions, which has 15 categories, in which the winner of each category will get P10,000 in cash, gift packs and a trophy.  
            Coming in as a major sponsor of Dutdutan XII is beer brand Colt 45.
“A tattoo is not just a picture worn on your skin. It often means something deeper than that. Everything about a tattoo’s design, color, size and even position means something to the person wearing it, and I have tremendous respect for the people who have the courage to express themselves through this art,” said Colt 45 marketing manager Greg Anonas. “It’s exactly how all the new Colt 45 bottles wear the triple hops seal to communicate the value each hop brings to the Colt 45 experience. The Seal tells us how magnum hops give the beer its flavor, how hallertau hops exude aroma, and how nugget hops balance out all the beers flavors and scents to put together an awesome beer experience. And just like a person’s tattoos, we too wear the Colt 45 logo and triple hops seal with pride.”
On the other hand, Ruiz, who is also a tattoo enthusiast, said: “Tribal Gear brought about Dutdutan in the spirit of passion and creativity. But we’re not here just for the art of inking the body, but also to present our market with activities and entertainment only Tribal Gear and its partners like Colt 45 can bring.”

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