Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Experience Travel and Living Magazine (Volume 4, Number 2) Out Now

Before anything else, I always forget to announce this. So before another comes out late October or in November, grab a copy of Experience travel and living magazine with the Batanes cover. Yep, I wrote the cover story. I was harried so the article was a tad clipped at the ending. Anyway, full version may be read in the forthcoming Area, a new magazine on design and lifestyle, edited by a friend, Carlomar Daoana. It will also appear in The Daily Tribune soon. Of course, I will be posting it here soon. But buy the magazine though. It is good stuff. He he.


Jimmy said...

Wow i cant believe my home was included in this issue..hope i could get my copy soon.

Jimmy said...

i mean my home town..hehe

Jimmy said...

batanes pictures are so cool. very majestic place ..great work idol