Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some Personal Pictures in South Korea

I arrived at the Incheon International Airport, an hour from Seoul, after a flight of four hours. I breathed in my first winter air. It was exhilirating! Later as we went on a short romp in downtown Seoul, after a delectable dinner of bulgogi and amazing kimchis, and the temperature dipped below zero, it was not fun anymore. We saw some Korean girls in miniskirts and boots. We were amazed. Starbucks was closed and every expensive. We took refuge in a coffee shop and held on to our coffee cups like they were the life-giving fire. A group of Malaysian boys entered, and we immediately sensed that both groups are not from around here. One of them asked where we were from. Philippines, I answered. Malaysia, he voluntered. We smiled, a ray of the tropics in wintry Korea.

My room at the Ibis Hotel in Seoul, where we spent the night before going to Jeju Island. It is a small business hotel with small but cozy rooms. The toilet is small, almost like a cubicle, but is equipped with a "high-tech" toilet, that is, with bidet, washer, dryer, warmed seat, etc. Great!

We went to Gimpo Airport, at the other end of Seoul, to catch a flight to Jeju Island. Gimpo was Korea's main international airport until Incheon was built, in the occassion of Korea's hosting of the Olympics. Gimpo now mainly serves as a domestic travel airport. But it is still nice.

The Korean Airlines plane in which we rode (obviously). It serves pomegranate juice, which became my instant favorite. I almost consumed all their supply.

While marveling at the so-called Mysterious Road in Jeju, I went immediately to the food stalls and marveled at their offerings. I ate delicious crabstick wrapped in fish cake, skewered and fried.

Waiting for the bus at the Jeju International Convention Center. It is near the amazing Jusangjeollidae, where I ate a piece of boiled silkwood. By the way, I was wearing my The North Face jacket. A piece of endorsement. He he.


Jimmy said...

i remember the TV show my girl in this places..i love it ...thanks for the tour are amazing..

Jimmy said...

i mean in these places

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ang laki nung shell...hehe